Streamlining Efficiency: Unveiling the ND12-2-30.4A 150W Electric Transaxle

The ND12-2-30.4A 150W Electric Transaxle delivers compact power and high efficiency, ideal for personal mobility devices and light-duty vehicles. With its quiet operation and reliable performance, it offers an excellent solution for applications requiring smooth and sustainable mobility.


In a world where compact and efficient design is increasingly critical, the ND12-2-30.4A 150W Electric Transaxle offers a tailored solution for enhancing the performance of electric vehicles. This transaxle is designed for applications that require precision, durability, and energy efficiency, making it an essential component for small-scale electric vehicles and automated systems.

Product Overview

The ND12-2-30.4A transaxle integrates a 150W permanent magnet brush motor known for its high efficiency and reliability. This unit is ideal for powering personal mobility devices, light electric vehicles, and other machines where space is limited but performance cannot be compromised.


Specification Detail
Motor Type Permanent Magnet Brush
Power Output 150W
Operating Voltage 24V DC
Maximum Speed Up to 6 km/h
Torque 10 Nm
Efficiency Over 80%
Weight 12 kg (26.5 lbs)
Dimensions 360mm x 140mm x 160mm
Application Suitability Personal mobility devices, light-duty vehicles

Key Advantages

  • High Efficiency: With an efficiency rate of over 80%, this transaxle extends battery life and reduces energy costs, making it an economically sound choice.
  • Compact Design: The small dimensions and lightweight build allow for easy integration into a variety of vehicle frameworks, maximizing design flexibility.
  • Reliable Performance: Designed for continuous use, the motor provides consistent power and torque, essential for devices requiring steady operation.
  • Quiet Operation: The brush motor ensures quiet functionality, ideal for environments where noise reduction is crucial.

Design and Performance Superiority

Engineered with a focus on user experience, the ND12-2-30.4A boasts a streamlined design that does not sacrifice power for size. It features advanced cooling technologies that keep the motor running at optimal temperatures, enhancing the longevity and safety of the device. The use of durable materials in construction ensures that the transaxle is capable of withstanding the demands of daily operation without frequent maintenance.


This electric transaxle is ideally suited for:

  • Personal Mobility Devices: Enhancing the autonomy and comfort of users with efficient and stable power.
  • Light-Duty Electric Vehicles: Providing the necessary propulsion for small commercial vehicles and utility carts.

While the ND12-2-30.4A 150W transaxle provides significant benefits, it is not designed for high-load or high-speed applications, which could be a limitation for certain uses. However, its strengths make it highly effective for its intended applications, offering an optimal balance of performance and convenience.

This transaxle is part of our commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance the capabilities and efficiency of electric mobility systems. It represents a significant advancement in the technology of electric vehicles, ensuring that users experience the best in modern engineering and environmental responsibility.


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